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special going on with the orioles. getting here for the orioles last night was a bit of a challenge. there was a small a bit of smoke coming out of the galley. it was a coffee issue, apparently. they had to have an emergency landing in jacksonville. >> not really. we're fine. we are fine. >> it did delay your ability to celebrate. >> we are alive and well. >> it was a little rough. kind of fitting for the day, you know?
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>> some different views on what it was like. once they got to the hotel, it was not what they had planned. you were at the team hotel last night when they arrived. they had planned a party. what was a light? >> they were ready to go, anticipating what would be a giant party. because of the delay, the players got their, there was a little toast and everybody went to bed. there is more work to do. >> do you think this will affect them? what they had to deal with last night. >> if there is anything, it is the team. you have to stop off in january -- in jacksonville, but that
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team looked ready to go. >> thank you very much. as far as the playoffs scenario, despite the fact there are only three games left they remain a host of things that could happen. our sports director was kind enough to break down what could happen for the orioles. >> the possibilities are seemingly endless for the orioles. tonight, tomorrow, wednesday, the orioles at tampa, boston at new york. if they're still tied at that point, there will be a thursday game, a special game that breaks the tie between the orioles and yankees. the winner of that game leads the american league east.
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you can find all the information on our website at those tickets will go on sale tomorrow. the winner of the game on thursday, game 1 on saturday. if the orioles do not win the american league east, they will still end up in one of the two wild-card spots. that takes us to friday. the wild card could be either at oriole park or who knows right now? los angeles is still in it, tampa bay is still in it. what we need to do is look at the best overall record right now in baseball. that goes to the texas rangers. the detroit tigers are in fourth
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position. the second a's in wild-card spot. regardless of how all the scenarios break down, this is how know what -- this is what we know for sure. the orioles in 2012 in the playoffs. >> thank you for breaking that down. what the players -- what is their only goal left? they're very clear about what they want. >> i hope he does not go anywhere because he is our top secrets guru. >> he is a dynamic force in the newsroom. he is tremendous. there are two scenarios that could have the orioles back in camden yards by the end of the week. oriole park is already busting tonight.
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we continue our live coverage. some very happy fans are gearing up. >> you are exactly right. i am a little confused. one thing i know, we are in the playoffs. how long has it been? the last time you were in the playoffs, i had red hair. at the orioles baseball store, playoff career was already on sale. fans were eager to buy it. >> i do not think there were too many people who thought this was possible. >> the opportunity to really take a whole division? cannot taha beat that. -- cannot beat that. >> many fans thought there was no way.
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>> i did not think they have much of a chance in the beginning. they have really come a long way. these young players are doing a good job. >> i thought they would win 70 games, but i did not think they would have a playoff contention spirit >> he has been a fan since his dad took him to his first game in 1958. this is definitely a season to remember. >> it has been a big surprise. the atmosphere like this. even in the late 1990's, i did not think the atmosphere's was alive as it is now. >> with any luck, they will be selling a division championship. by the end of the week.
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>> a lot of excitement going on around town as the fans get ready for playoff baseball. let's hope we have a whole bunch of games right here at camden yards. >> we are all hoping for that. fans are excited for the postseason. we want to see you, too. >> we are tracking some weather from the south. it is a good thing the orioles play under a dome in st. pete. some thunderstorms down that way. we will be on the relatively warm side of this for much of
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tonight into tomorrow. temperatures will not cool off enough -- often very much. it looks of the rain will stick around for a day or a date and a half. we will track that coming up in a little bit. >> city police confirmed they are investigating a stabbing on the campus of heritage high school. investigators tell us a male student sustained a stab wound to his upper body at the hands of another student around 10:45 this morning. a school nurse treated the victim. he is listed in stable condition. police are questioning a person of interest. a baltimore county firefighter is behind bars tonight charged with sexually abusing two young boys. police tell us they believe there are more victims. the 23-year-old is facing five
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charges stemming from incidents that took place between may and june of this year involving two 14-year-old boys. one of the victims contacted police last week. he is listed as an active volunteer with the volunteer fire department. the president of the department reports that they have suspended him. >> police are charging a teenager as an adult in connection with a shooting near securities or mall. the 17-year-old as been held without bail on charges of attempted first-degree murder. he was involved in an argument between two groups around 11:00 friday night when you pulled out a gun and shot a man. that victim suffered non life- threatening injuries. two bodies found in southwest baltimore have police searching for clues. the latest was found just before noon today. investigators tell us the man's body was found on the porch of that location.
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police tell us the other discovery was made just after 11:00 saturday morning. committee members were cleaning up an area lincoln park when someone noticed the body of a black female. there were no initial signs of foul play, but medical examiners are determining the cause of death. >> flames devoured anne arundel county apartment complex. >> 50 people are looking for a new place to live. >> it has been a source of anxiety for commuters and businesses. it has been bothering them for weeks. the charles street construction is finally under way. >> 51 years such orioles' park.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> an investigation is under way into what sparked a house fire.
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it took 60 firefighters about an hour to get things under control. investigators said the flames broke out around 8:15, quickly escalating to two alarms. one of the cruise fell to the first floor of the home into the basement. the red cross is working to help 50 people who were displaced by a massive apartment building fire in anne arundel county this weekend. flames broke out around 6:00 on sunday evening. forcing the evacuation of three storied complex. there is no word right now on a cause, but the damage estimate stands at $1 million. >> for the next 750 days, anyone who uses straw street near johns hopkins university will have to make some changes -- charles
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street near johns hopkins university will have to make some changes to their commutes. an earlier look shows some of the road closures and detours as part of phase one of the project. these are small headaches compared to what is in store. there are four phases total. phase two is when you see the traffic is most impacted. the goal is to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area. he will expect to see a wider road and pedestrian and bicycle lanes. >> your insta-weather-plus podcast -- forecast -- >> chilly this morning and comfortable during the afternoon. changes are on the way.
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there is some shower activity in parts of western maryland. very light, a few sprinkles associated with this. there is much more sitting of to our south and west. there are some -- there is some thunderstorm activity into parts of the gulf coast region. the storm will be dragging quite a bit of moisture into the mid- atlantic. a slow-moving storm tracking west of the mountains means a couple of days of the unsettled weather. we started on the chilly side in the morning and the clouds -- 73 degrees in downtown baltimore right now. 50's out in western maryland. futurecast shows the cloud disguise hanging around. -- cloudy skies hanging around.
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expect to see some scattered showers and a rumble or two of thunder in parts of virginia overnight. do not expected temperatures to drop dramatically. showers have become more likely after midnight. this area of low pressure is moving up to tennessee. there is a lot of tropical-like monster with it and it will slowly make its way into the ohio -- moisture with its and ilsley make its way into the ohio valley. -- and it will slowly making its way into the ohio valley. the chance for a shower will incur, skies will begin to clear, it will start to work its way eastbound into thursday and friday. the first couple days of this new month, at shower chances. we did not have a lot of that in september.
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cloudy skies. high temperatures, a 73-78, so a little warmer than normal. water temperatures in the low 70's. western maryland mountains, high temperatures in the 60's for the next few days. on the eastern shore, a little bit warmer. rainshowers around easton tomorrow. seven-day forecast, we will see that showers tomorrow and wednesday morning. and then some sunshine comes back. it will get walmart on thursday and friday. another cold front arriving late in the day on saturday. >> thank you. most of the news has been really good lately. some on how be in use -- some on
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have been used. >> the indianapolis colts' head coach makes the startling announcement about his health. >> it takes a toll on my life daily. i have my good days and i have my bad days. >> it starts as an uncomfortable skin problem. new studies are linking siriasis to another serious health risk.
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> former ravens defense a coordinator, the current head coach of the indianapolis colts has been diagnosed with leukemia. the outlook is said to be good. he says he is very anxious to return to the team. the treatment is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.
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>> it is unlikely that he will be all in as a head coach this season. that is probably not in the cards. >> the offensive coordinator will also serve as the interim head coach as he undergoes treatment. >> starting today, hospitals with higher number of real admissions will have to pay a penalty. medicare says about 12% of patients are readmitted for problems the likely could of been prevented. as part of the affordable care act, medicare will find hospitals that have too many patients and readmitted within 30 patients out -- 30 days after discharge. medicare is not to hospitals is
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long overdue and not nearly a stiff enough. on the surface, they seem completely different problems. the skin condition siriasis and type 2 diabetes, but a new study shows there is a link. doctors are taking note. >> i have a spot right there. >> that itchy patch, she has been suffering with it for 16 years. >> it takes a toll on my life daily. i have my good days and my bad days. it is very depressing. >> it is caused by an imbalance in the immune system. it affects 2-4% of the population. patients like brenda have the host of other health issues the need to keep their eye on, including a new one. >> it is an independent risk
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factor for heart disease, stroke, having obesity, depression, and now they're finding that if you have severe psoriasis, your twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. we think that is due to inflammation in the bloodstream. eventually, a type 2 diabetes. >> although the risk is fairly low, they should be screened. >> i am going to start looking into the type 2 diabetes. >> it is amazing what we are learning. we should view it as a systemic disease. it highlights that primary care doctors and dermatologist need to look together to treat the patient as a whole.
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>> they've never stepped up to the plate. not once. >> nowadays, these pictures do not have the arm strength anymore. >> the ushers have seen it all. will your their best stories after morgan 50 seasons on the job. >> we will hear their stories after more than 50 seasons on the job. >> a live report.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> a baltimore county business is the scene of two murders since july. >> recently, a bouncer was fatally stabbed. it happened will turn to break up a fight. >> liquor license commissioners in baltimore county have decided that they can keep its license in place, not even handing down a suspension. finance honor just $2,000 because of security issues --
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fining its owner just $2,000 because of security issues. >> i really thought the we have made our case that we were concerned for the safety of the neighborhood. i am disappointed. >> neighbors react to the baltimore county board of liquor license commissioners decision to find the board -- $40,000 after a security guard is stabbed to death trying to break up -- -- find it to thousand dollars after a security guard is stabbed to death trying to break up a fight. police testified that security cameras in the board did not work and the suspect in the stabbing was never patted down by security when he reentered the bar after leaving. the owner of the bar set his security did all it could and he was going to look into hiring private security am working with the community. the board found him in violation
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of a prohibited practices gruel. -- rule. >> i am happy, but i am sad because we lost a great co- worker. we're going to work with the community. we're going to do everything we can to avoid any problems. >> as far as the suspect in the stabbing, he is being held without bond. as far as the bar, it can continue operating as normal as long as it pays the fine. >> city police are investigating the stabbing on the campus of heritage high school. police said the incident happened during school hours of mountain o'clock 45. e-mails to them was stabbed in his upper body at -- a male student was stabbed in his upper body at the hands of another student.
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police in baltimore county say this volunteer firefighter had been sexually abusing two young boys this past spring. more victims could be out there. he is being held on $150,000 bond. he is charged with sexual abuse of a miner and fourth degree sex offense. he has been suspended from his position as a volunteer firefighter. anyone with information is urged to contact crimes against children's unit. >> the orioles officials spot in the postseason has been the big story. adding to what has been an unpredictable season, it is only fitting that they found out they reached the playoffs during a charter flight that was forced to land short of its destination because of a minor fire in the
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galley. everything turned out just fine. it was just a precaution. the nose began their series against tampa bay tonight. -- the orioles began their series against tampa bay tonight. >> but it comes to the orioles, some of the famous names synonymous with a history -- those men helped shaped the orioles, there others behind the scenes who played their parts as well. >> we invite you to step inside camden yards to meet some of the other legends. >> i worked for the orioles. 56 years. >> i am working on my 51st year. >> this is my 50th year as the orioles employee. >> these men are the gentle enforcers of the stance.
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>> i am an usher, i greet them with a smile. i answer any questions about the ballpark, the players. the history. >> these baseball fans say they have lived out their dream job since the very start. >> i got a job selling beer. one night, it was warm, i wound up selling 3800 bottles of beer. >> i got $5 for parking cars and i ran inside and sold beer for another $5. that was $10 a night. that was a lot of money them days. >> there is no roll off season for the likes of gordon. >> i was a teacher in howard
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county. i taught biology. there were lots of times when i brought papers to grade when i was on my break. i used to give trivia questions about the orioles. kids would get bonus points if they knew the answer. >> giving the answers are these guys specialties. >> nowadays, at these pictures, they do not have the arm strength anymore -- pitchers, they do not have the arm strength. >> they have definitely have the oddball moments with fans. >> they have the numbers posted on the warehouse. 21, 28, or something like that. a lady said to me, what are those numbers on the warehouse? is that the address?
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where have you been recently? >> i am wondering right now how in the head can they be up there where they are now? it is impossible. >> the next time you are at the yard, you may want to introduce yourself before they leave the ballpark for good. >> i love that story. coming up, the attacks all but paralyzed the greater d.c. area. >> the convicted d.c. sniper is still alive and is calling himself a monster. >> a deadly crash in taxes -- in texas involving two school buses.
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>> tenures doctor would have the most notorious killing spree in
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the nation's history -- 10 years after one of the most notorious killing sprees in the nation's history, he is expressing remorse. he talks about his role in that 21-day killing spree in october of 2002. he speaks of one killing and but secular -- in one particular. "the worst sort of pain i have ever seen in my life >" tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the deadly killing spree. they ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers, killing 10 of them. there were finally tracked down. >> maryland drivers take to the roads, state police are standing out a reminder. the weight exemption to the law will be removed. the new law requires children under 8 years old to be in a
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safety seat unless they are 4 feet 9 inches. according to the national highway traffic safety association, a car crashes are the number-one killer of children in the nation. >> an investigation is underway into a deadly school bus accident this morning involving two buses in texas. one of those bus drivers was killed when the bus hit the median and crashed into another bus head-on. eyewitnesses said the buses traveling northbound when the driver appeared to lose control. about 45 students were on board each bus. police are looking into whether the driver suffered some sort of medical condition. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for the latest deadly attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan. a day after a marriage can was
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killed at a checkpoint in the country. -- an american was killed at a checkpoint in the country. there were approached by taliban suicide bomber who was also on foot. also killed in the attack, four afghan policeman and several civilians. >> if you are having trouble finding your favorite peanut butter, here is the reason why. more than 100 products are included in a mass of peanut butter recall. >> is not just been a better. a growing list of products. >> of the women's industrial exchange in downtown baltimore is celebrating their 130th birthday today. i will take you there, next. >> low pressure moving up from the south.
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>> the orioles had to the playoffs for the first time since 1997. the governor's administration of annapolis says it has a plan to drum up job growth, but not everyone is during their sup anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune...
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to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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>> this could be the single most important week for the presidential hopefuls. the first debate is scheduled for wednesday night in denver, colorado. republicans agree to is the best chance mitt romney has to turn his poles around. -- polls around. >> mitt romney will be side by side with president obama. 60 million americans could to an end. -- tune in. they're setting up for the debates in denver, one of mitt romney's biggest backers. >> every time he has been challenged, he has come forward with an outstanding performance. >> mitt romney trails and every battleground state. >> he's got to redefine himself as someone who cares about the
5:46 pm
average american. he has to show how his policies connect to that caring. he has to show how president obama's policies have not produced a better result than his policies. that is a lot to do in one debate. >> at a rally in nevada last night, president obama denied he is confident. >> governor romney is a good debater. i am just ok. but what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> the candidates -- their campaigns are working harder. of volunteer for president obama. >> the congress he had to work with. >> she is in waterloo, iowa. >> we want to make sure we have a sensible -- >> great.
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>> would you vote early? >> t-mobile i'm getting votes in the back in case the debate goes -- tina obama of getting votes in the bag in case the debate goes mitt romney's way. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer -- >> october be dense and temperatures are close to normal. a couple of scattered showers approaching the area. there are some showers in the mountains in areas south and west of us. most locations are reporting cloudy skies. it is likely that what we see on
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the radar is trying not before it can hit the ground. -- driving out before it can hit the ground. all that is slowly moving in our direction. a chance for a shower from time to time. so far today, the high temperature at the airport has been 71 degrees. the average for the date is 72. we are pretty close to normal. record low on this day, 36 degrees. maybe even early next week, a shot of some chilly air. things are changing towards fall. it is cool up and the mountains, much milder around easton.
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still some showers early tomorrow morning. 55-62 tonight, rain chances are increasing after midnight. this area of low pressure at of the gulf is working its way out of alabama into tennessee. it is expected to stay on the west side of the mountains. it keeps our temperatures above normal for a couple of days. you can see the rainshowers on the futurecast right into the afternoon and evening on tuesday. it becomes very scattered as we head into wednesday. the bulk of the rain will taper off early on. we will see partly cloudy conditions for thursday. a lot of sunshine for friday.
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73-78 tomorrow. seven-day forecast gets us to near 80 wednesday and around the 80 degree mark. a cold front coming in saturday night brings a shower and much cooler temperatures for sunday and monday. >> the company behind the nation's peanut butter recall is expanding to include a number of other products. in addition, the recall includes cash tew butter. salmonella atlanticist work linked to the trader joe's butter.
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big news for american express customers. the company is paying back $112 million in refunds and fines to settle regulators accusations that it charged on lawful late fees and deceived consumers to pressure them. 85 million of that goes to 250,000 customers. the agency says american express violated federal laws by prohibiting deceptive practices, by using false statements, telling customers the remaining balance would be forgiven. the violations happened from 2003 until this past spring. problems are flying high for airlines in the u.s. and abroad. the international air transport association predicted a profit of $4.1 billion for 2012. not all airlines will post a product -- profit this year.
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european carriers will likely lose billions due to the euro zone crisis. u.s., asian, latin american carriers are seeing some growth. they expect airlines to bank even more money in 2013. $7.5 billion. after much anticipation, hewlett-packard is unveiling its new tablets computer today. it is the tablets specifically for business. it is the centerpiece for a new line of products. the move is important for the company because pc sales have been plunging over the past few years. chief executives had to cut 29,000 jobs. >> may be that is the biggest sea change in technology. people want something that they feel proud to carry.
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>> it will not go on sale until sometime next week. >> new programming has arrived. you may have already noticed, memorable entertainment television. the network features a wide range of classic programs. comedies with dr metv programming started today at 5:00. that is digital program 11-2. gov. martin o'malley says he is focusing on improving the maryland economy. we'll have details on a plan to spur job growth in construction. am i not everybody is on board. -- and why everybody is not on
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board. >> i have
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>> the women's industrial exchange in baltimore was incorporated and has been in business every sense, serving fabulous food and selling great handmade goods. >> you can find clothing, toys,
5:57 pm
jewelry, and all kind of handcrafted local goods. >> it is a colorful and exciting place. so many local handcrafted items. i shopped here myself. >> these vendors are a part of what is become a piece of baltimore history. the exchange is celebrating its 130th birthday. it inc. back in 1882 as the outlook for creative women. >> is started as a -- the women would come down. today, it is all local artists. >> if you think decade by decade, the different things that have happened. >> the exchange is not just a place to sell your goods. the also offer education class is for small-business owners. >> we have classes your every third saturday.
5:58 pm
they come in and train them how to do business proposals. i teach them how to do -- building website. >> the exchange has grown and adapted since the 1800's. they are still relevant in helping women and men start successful businesses every day. the vendors are so glad it is here. >> i think it is a great opportunity. it is something that helps for their women trying to have a business. -- it is something that helps women trying to have a business. >> they plan to be around of 130 more years. >> there will always be a place for this in baltimore to help people to get started with their careers. >> for more information, go to >> i was there a few weeks ago for lunch. i have the cutest things.
5:59 pm
>> that is it for us at 5:00. >> the atmosphere outside of tropicana fields is fairly subdued. we will hear from the birds come straight ahead. >> a bar where a security employee was stabbed to death learns its fate in front of liquor board commissioners. >> the o'malley administration comes up with a stimulus package to spur jobs in construction. hold on-the idea is meeting -- is getting resistance. live, local, latebreaking. thi s is 11 news at 6. >> after a 14-year playoff drought, the baltimore orioles -- --
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